I Want These!

These items have made owning a horse easier for me!  I’ll update often.  If you have any great things to share, let me know and I will post them!

#1 Feeder Box- No waste, can hold literally a bale if you have to be out of town, keeps the horse busy.  Gotta love it!

box feeder photo 5

#2 2 wheel cart- In my opinion way easier than a wheelbarrow.  I can pull this with one hand all over my rough terrain.  The big wheels are key.  It holds about 20 piles of manure.  At first I wished it was a little bigger, but then it would be heavier to pull, so this is actually just right.  As you can see, it is well used!

2 wheel cart photo

#3 Custom Horse Sign- Every barn needs this!  I just happen to be related to the artist that custom makes these signs. Makes a great gift.  You can order this off etsy.com.  Just type in the word kataiia in the search bar.  This is my daughter Katie’s business.

horse sign 2 photo

#4 Golden Retriever and 40 volt lithium battery 12″ chainsaw- I don’t think I could live without either!  This chainsaw has easily cleared trail paths for me, cleared more pasture for me.  I feel like I should do an infomercial for the product.  Love Love Love it.  So user friendly.  I was intimidated by big chainsaws- the weight, the noise, the gas.  I had to rely on others to help me.  This gives you freedom.  It looks like a toy, almost laughable.  It is so quiet, but it works amazing for pretty good size trees.


#5 GRDE™ LED Headlamp-  Torch Flashlight 5000Lm Linum Super Bright 4 Modes.  Now that it is getting dark so darn early, this is perfect on your head so your hands are free.  It is much brighter than the hardware store $5 versions and much more comfortable on your head.  Rechargeable too!  There are a bunch of models, but this one goes for about $30.

headlight photo51eoLCtISfL._SY300_

#6 The EasyBoot Trail Bought these to help Bailey with her high ringbone and these helped her walking on the road or stones.  So easy to put on and take off.  All velcro fasteners and affordable too!  I put in extra pad in the bottom.  Great fit on my horse too! 


#7 16 gallon Heated Water Bucket These are a MUST in Central New York’s winters.  These hold so x the amount of the regular 5 gallon buckets.  If you have to take water to your barn, these are great!

heated bucket

#8 Hay Hoop Collapsible Feeder with Net This is turning out to be such a great item I just ordered another one so that there are now two in Bailey’s stall.  I am able to smash in at least three flakes depending on size.  It works great- easy to load in the open position, then folds flat against the wall when the horse is eating.  I bought this from Valley Vet Supply.  $40 with net and free shipping with minimum order.

hay net photo 2



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