and had high ringbone, there are options for me!

This is a 15 minute powerpoint I put together to offer information to owners that have a horse diagnosed with high ringbone.  It documents what I did to help my mare Bailey when she was diagnosed August 25, 2010, and the remarkable journey we have taken together.

January 1, 2017 UPDATE- Bailey continues to be healthy, happy and ridden even through Syracuse winters on a regular basis.  She does show signs of general arthritis as she ages that is managed with bute when necessary.  I am very happy with her progress, and I love seeing her run pain free.

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2 thoughts on “and had high ringbone, there are options for me!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi- Is it possible to contact you directly? I’m dealing with ringbone and would love to ask some questions based on your experiences. thank you 🙂


    • Hi, Absolutely. You can call me in the US at 315-383-8966 Leave a message if I don’t answer or send me a text first so I answer.
      thanks, Kathyt


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