I would partake in selfies…it’s fun!

When you live in Syracuse, New York, you have to find something to do with your horses on very cold or rainy or wet or windy days when riding outside just isn’t going to happen.  What’s more fun for you and horse then selfie day!

Emily and Cheyenne selfie 2 iphone transfer 11-2015 a 1175 iphone transfer 11-2015 a 1174

It was my teenage rider friend who taught me how to take a selfie.

IMG_7581 IMG_7586

Yes, I had to be taught and I am getting better with practice.

bailey nudge bailey kiss 2

1312DB8C-6A45-4667-9BAF-F34CEA7129A4.JPG Cheyenne selfie front Bailey selfie

I can tell you it is my horses, dog and cats favorite days because they know treats will play a part in the activity.


Plus it’s fun when family and friends come to visit, it always brings out a smile in people.

IMG_8995(1) IMG_9006(1)

Enjoy your pets with a fun selfie day.  You can grab the selfie sticks pretty reasonable now!  Mine was given to me as a gift from my best friend who knew I would use it with my horses and other animals.  The selfie sticks extend so long some of my photo’s hardly look like a selfie!


So go partake in a silly thing and bond with your big furry friends, and you’ll probably get a favorite photo out of the day too.

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