I would most be like this NFL Super Bowl 50 player!

This is what two woman discussed going up a ski lift last week.  My friend and fellow horse and sports enthusiast was telling me if her horses were super bowl players, they would be the quarterbacks in this years Super Bowl.  She said “Snugs and Mocha are as different from each other as Cam Newton and Peyton Manning—in personality and physically!”  That got me thinking, who would my horses match up with on the Denver Bronco’s or Carolina Panther’s?  I knew one thing for sure, they would definitely be on opposite teams.  With the help of a couple very knowledgeable nephews, I found the perfect football player match for my horses and my friends’ horses.

So here it is…the 2016 Super Bowl Horse Team!

Super Bowl Mocha

Super Bowl Snugs

Bailey super bowl player

Super Bowl Cheyenne

Super Bowl Aires

Super Bowl Rusty

Super Bowl Cat

Super Bowl Peggy Sue

Super Bowl Precious

Super Bowl Velvet

Super Bowl Penny

Super Bowl Cowboy

Super Bowl Dunkin

Super Bowl Mystery

Super Bowl Shannon

Thanks to my horse friends for supplying their horse photos and even adding “Jeter the cat” as Super Bowl Horse referee and “the hens”, because they wanted to participate in the festivities too.

Super Bowl Jeter Super Bowl Hens




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One thought on “I would most be like this NFL Super Bowl 50 player!

  1. Terri

    Love it!!! We all certainly have quite a group of horsey characters 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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