Horse Owner Q & A – Ethyl Alcohol Fusion

Source: Horse Owner Q & A – Ethyl Alcohol Fusion

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2 thoughts on “Horse Owner Q & A – Ethyl Alcohol Fusion

  1. Michelle

    I have to ask one question….Would you do this again? I too am running out of options with a ringbone horse who am I can’t justify surgical intervention for. He’s 20 and retired I just want him comfortable


    • Hi Michelle,
      I rode my horse for 7 more years at a walk on trail rides that were fairly flat and she had a great life because of me doing it. I would do it again. It does take a good year of recuperating, but NOT in a STALL. Just fusing. As I describe…there are some good days and bad days, just like any rehab…someone getting their knee replace. There is always pain in recuperating, but she handled it fine!!! I was emotional sometimes. A 20 year old horse really isn’t old anymore. So what do you have to lose. If she is healthy and shows the will to live, do it. Keep in contact with me. I can talk more with you on a phone call too if you want.


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