I would want for the New Year…


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As a horse owner, I hope in the new year to continue to learn from my horses and provide us the tools needed to have a successful horse and owner relationship.

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2 thoughts on “I would want for the New Year…

  1. Betty Maupin

    I want to share a special part of 2015 that I had with Bailey. I don’t talk or tell my personal life, but Baily played a BIG part of my healing therapy. She went thru many yrs of pain and healing from a fusion. I have PTSD and have my own pain and my neck is fused together. Bailey and I started slowly working and loving each,other to heal and help our pain. Many months went by and Bailey became stinger and is doing good now. As me me I miss her and Cheyenne. Kathy let me love and care for the girls. I even spoiled Riley. I am back in Arkansas going to VA for more care so I can return this summer to see my babies. Horses have always been a part of my life. But with Kathy and her family’s love made me stronger. So 2016 will be a good one for Bailey and Cheyenne as when I get there and walk from the back yard with there treats, I will see them come running and give me kisses. Thank You

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  2. We ALL look forward to your return!


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