I would want everlasting grass.

Welcome to my first blog.  It was an easy subject to write about today as I just had 40 bales of hay delivered into my garage.  It is November here in Syracuse, New York, and unfortunately everlasting grass is pretty much gone.

Last week my son was in town and we were on a trail ride with my two horses Bailey and Cheyenne.  He asked me “what do horses like to do if we weren’t riding them”?  I laughed and replied “eat grass”.  For the last month, I have been problem solving my mare Bailey’s desire to get to the other side of the fence, where of course the grass is always greener.  It is also not our grass, but my very nice neighbors grass.  Bailey’s obsession with my neighbors grass started out pretty innocent.  Just a single 6 wire rope strand stopped my 1000 lb. horse from the lush, green, long grass.  Her nose would edge farther and farther across the imaginary line until the fence rope gently rolled over her back.  She had done it!  She had stepped into grass paradise.  There was no reason to run or move any farther, she had everlasting grass in front of her nose.  Believe me, I so wanted to let her eat the grass there, but over I go with a halter and take her back to our pastures.  This little game continued to happen for a few days even with a second line installed, but the innocence was gone.  Bailey would look at me, then look at the fence line, then look at me, then walk right under to the neighbors grass.  And I again would walk over and lead her back.  This obviously had to be solved, and now a permanent 3 rail white fence separates Bailey from our grass and my neighbors.

The funny thing is my other horse Cheyenne never even attempts to do this.  And thus starts the conversation of the wonderful world of horses.  Their wide range of different personalities and actions each horse portrays.

With this new blog I will share with you my life as a horse owner of two beautiful mares that live in my backyard and are used for trail riding and competitive obstacle trail riding.  I will touch on subjects like horse blankets, bits, stalling, vaccinations, arthritis.  I will go into depth about high ringbone, and how I didn’t give up on Bailey with this progressive condition and how she is doing now.  There is so much to share, and I enjoy learning everyday something new about my horses, and learning from all my horse friends.

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One thought on “I would want everlasting grass.

  1. Patty Daddario

    Good luck with your blogging! May your past and present experiences help and inspire others! 🙂


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